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General Links

Aushorse Equestrian

Equiculture - developing responsible horse ownership

Equine Centre Australia

Flyveils by Design

Horse Connection - Barefoot saddles & More

Horse Directory Australia

Western Saddler

Woodbine Performance Horses



Horse Health Links

Horse Advice. com

Tellington T Touch


Pure Neem Products for horses & others

Natural Horse World



Training Links

Steve Brady

Buck Brannaman

Leslie Desmond

Keith Hosman

John Lyons


Mark Rashid

Monty Roberts

Tellington T Touch

Adam Shereston

David and Sandy Simmons




Catherine Bird

Equinology - horse massage courses

Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy

Victoria Ferguson

Holistic Horsekeeping

Robert McDowell


The Horses Hoof

David Farmilo

The Farrier and Hoofcare resource center

The Hoofcare and Lameness Journal

The Horses Hoof - barefoot news

Tribe Equus - born to be barefoot



Clicker Training Links for other animals

Karen Pryor Clicker Training

Dogs and other animals

Gary Wilkes Click and Treat Training


Corally Burmaster's Clicker Training Center

Dogs and author of the DVD we have for sale on Clicker Training Dogs